Aug 15, 2023

Storytelling in Healthcare Branding: The Key to Connection

The marketing tactics that resonate the most are those we connect with personally. And there’s arguably no better way to tap into humanity than telling a story.For as long as humans have existed, so have our stories. They shape societies, inspire innovation, and make us who we are. In healthcare marketing, storytelling is an often underappreciated yet crucial tool for connection.Your brand is the perfect space to share stories and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. But to relay a story, you need to understand it.

Understanding Goals: What Story Does Your Brand Tell?

When your target audience – whether it includes healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, or both – finds your brand, what do you want them to see? To think? To feel? The answers to these sorts of questions will help you understand what story your brand currently tells and whether it matches your goals.A clear brand tells the world why your business or organization is unique. Harvard Business Review describes branding as tactics that help a business break through culture.A cultural impact doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel, either. Something as simple as serving a specific patient community or adopting a certain attitude toward healthcare can shift conversations and drum up interest in your services.

The Key Components of an Effective Story

Beginning: The ProblemEvery good story begins with a quest. Otherwise, the story would have no meaning in the first place. In this case, the problem is what your product or services are meant to solve. In terms of branding, the problem can also be with how your competitors get the job done. What is the need your services respond to?Middle: The JourneyThe heart of your story is what your services do to take your target audience to their ideal end. What about your brand makes solving the problem possible? Is it your philosophy? Your tactics? Do you have access to resources that clients can’t find anywhere else?End: The SolutionWrap up with a happy ending: your services or products are the key to solving a reader’s problem. Now that you’ve guided your audience through the ups and downs that make your offerings necessary, present them in their best light.

How to Apply Storytelling to Marketing

Consider using tactics like those below to bring storytelling into your healthcare marketing strategies.

  • Brainstorm. Jot down all the adjectives and thoughts that come to mind when you think of your brand. With these ideas in mind, you can identify opportunities to share anecdotes, create content, and choose specific marketing tactics.

  • Know Your Audience. Be sure to tailor your storytelling to suit your intended audiences. For instance, if you want to appeal to HCPs, consider the values and experiences they may have as you create your brand.

  • Find a Beginning, Middle, and End. Don’t just tell your audiences you’re the best fit for the job – prove it to them. Show them how you’ve arrived at the point you’re at, and use your brand (word choice, philosophy, design, etc.) to demonstrate your value.

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